10 to Tone Arms Ebook

10 to Tone Arms Ebook

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As someone who constantly struggled with flabby arms no matter how much weight I lost, I finally found the perfect workouts to tighten them up! ūüí™


Are you ready to transform your upper body in 30 DAYS?! This ebook was designed by Paulina to help women LOVE THEIR UPPER BODIES! You will sculpt sexy arms, a beautiful back, toned triceps, and MORE!  This ebook will help you improve your upper body composition for an overall more flattering figure! All you need is 1 set of weights!

*Download it straight to your phone or computer! 


What this Ebook includes:

-30 day calendar schedule

-3 Workouts Per Week

-Only 10 minutes workouts that can be done from home or the gym!

-Paulina's Tips and Tricks

-Instant Download 



 (Beginner-advanced level) 

*not recommended for someone who suffers from chronic pain/injuries. Please consult your doctor before use of this program.  

*This ebook does not contain meal programs or coaching by Paulina Fitness.

*This ebook is final sale. 


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