If you purchased an ebook, your program will be available for immediate download. If you purchased a program with coaching, a client questionnaire will be available for download.

Paulina does not offer examples of her programs but the diet contains lot of delicious recipes such as tacos, smoothies, salads, bowls, and much more! Her workout focus on body weight exercises with an emphasis on weight lifting and HIIT.

All Paulina Fitness Programs can be done at home or the gym. All home workouts will require 1 pair of dumbbells.

Paulina does not offer phone consultations but does offer FREE consultations via paulinafitness.com

The great thing about Paulina Fitness Programs is that you can do them over and over again. It is a lifestyle program. Paulina does recommend her custom program to those who have already completed The Paulina Fitness 12 Week Program.

99.9% of Paulina's clients see results! If you are not seeing results, please reach out to Paulina directly at Paulinafitness@yahoo.com

Of Course! Use hashtag #Paulinafitness and tag @paulinastein for a chance to be featured!

Paulina only offers Online Coaching. If you are looking for a more personal program, Paulina recommends programs with coaching.

Clients lose anywhere from 5-60 lbs. in 12 weeks depending on the individual. Paulina has a 99.9% client success rate.

If you refer a friend, Paulina will offer $10 off your next program!

It is the client's responsibility to check in with Paulina weekly. Paulina will then review your check in, offer suggestions, set a weekly goal for you to reach, and give feedback. Paulina has the client check in as she wants them to want to be apart of this journey and hold them accountable.

Paulina is available Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm. Any messages/emails received after those times will be responded to the following day.

After filling out your client questionnaire as detailed as possible, please then send it back to Paulinafitness@yahoo.com along with before photos. Photos must NOT be selfies. Photos must have good lighting and same bikini or sports bra and shorts weekly. Please take front shots, left side, right side, and back shots along with a photo of the scale. Please allow Paulina 48 hours to review and then she will send your program.

Paulina's goal is to hold everyone accountable. This means if you do not check in with her for 1-2 weeks in a row (or if she does not hear from you) you will not be included in her weekly check in emails, trainer texts, or program any longer! It is your responsibility to remember to take your weekly progress photos and send Paulina your check in email every Monday. Part of being successful on the Paulina Fitness Program with coaching is to want to change bad enough. The first step of that is taking the responsibility to check in weekly. Paulina's goal is to educate you about nutrition, exercise, lifestyle habits, as well as be your #1 fan and encourage you!

Unless you purchased a Paulina Fitness Custom Program, all programs are pre-created. If there is a food you do not like, please see the Paulina approved food list on the program for swappable options.

Unless you purchased a custom program, all programs are previously created. Skip the exercise and move onto the next one. If you purchased a program with coaching you may email/text Paulina for an exercise modification.

Paulina Fitness programs are designed specifically for women.

Please contact Paulina at Paulinafitness@yahoo.com if you purchased a program with coaching and never received a questionnaire.

You can add coaching onto any program by purchasing the "Just Coaching" option on Paulinafitness.com.

All Paulina Fitness Programs are FINAL SALE.

Paulina Fitness is located in Orange County, CA but works with clients worldwide.

Please fill out the FREE CONSULTATION form on Paulinafitness.com and Paulina will contact you within 24 hours.

Please email Paulina at Paulinafitness@yahoo.com

Please contact Paulina directly at Paulinafitness@yahoo.com or fill out a consultation form.

All ebooks DO NOT contain coaching. As a personal preference, you may send photos for Paulina to use as a before and after.

With a purchase of any program, Paulina has the right to use any photos and all photos on social media. However, Paulina will ALWAYS receive permission with the client before sharing any photos.

You can purchase the "Just Coaching" option from Paulinafitness.com

You may purchase the "just coaching" option on Paulinafitness.com