Your Healthy Home Recipe Ebook
Your Healthy Home Recipe Ebook

Your Healthy Home Recipe Ebook

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ABOUT THIS RECIPE BOOK: Just because your dieting, doesn't mean you need to sacrifice eating GOOD FOOD! 

As a busy mom of 2, wife, and business owner, my time for cooking extravagant meals is EXTREMELY limited. When I was creating this recipe I was aiming for COMFORT food that is HEALTHY too! This recipe ebook has delicious and easy meals all under 600 calories (per serving) that the entire family will enjoy! (Husbands and kids included).  Follow the recipes, or add a personal spin on them to create your own! Not only will your family thank you, but your waistline will too! (All recipes are Paulina Approved)

This Recipe Book is:

-Dairy Free


-Soy Free 

-Gluten Free

-Contains 25 Recipes

-4 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 7 Dinners, 2 Snacks, 4 Desserts, and 2 Cocktails (must be 21+) !


Use code "PAULINAAPPROVED" for 20% off at This is my Paulina approved box with my favorite Gluten Free Favorites!