Activate 21 Day App Challenge

Activate 21 Day App Challenge

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HEADS UP! If you are currently on a Paulina Fitness app program, be sure to buy the other 21 Day Challenge App Add on for Current App Clients!



GET READY TO ACTIVATE YOUR DREAM BODY! This 21 Day Challenge will help you tone up, lose fat, add lean muscle, learn how to exercise efficiently and effectively, and help you take your body and workouts to the NEXT LEVEL! In this challenge, you will work on targeting different muscle groups daily to help build feminine curves and lean muscle! (This challenge can be combined with all other Paulina Fitness App Programs)


This app challenge includes:

-21 Daily Workouts 

-Video Demos

-Daily Cardio

-Support Group

-Weight Tracking

-Progress Photos

-Tips and Tricks

 -Can be done from home or the gym


 (Does not Contain Coaching or Diet Plans)

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